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How to Lead Horses and People to your Desired Destination [and enjoy It]

Horse Sense

for Humans

"This is a must-do executive coaching experience for leaders looking to take their personal and professional development to the next level.“

Meredith McKenzie

EAHAE Certified traineR



Horse Sense for Humans

By Meredith Mckenzie

What You'll Learn @ Horse Sense for Humans

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Feel

* How to feel horses and humans using your senses through observation & understanding.

Communication skills: Listen

* Guidance on "active listening", empathy, and learning by asking 'feeling' questions.

Team Building: Trust

* How to care and build trust with your team to create forward movement-momentum.

Leadership Ride: Guide

* Mindset shifts to enjoy the ride as you guide your people to your desired destination.

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emotional intelligence and team building skills that enhance trust, communication, and collaboration for better results


In today's "hybrid" workspace, business leaders are struggling to improve stability and productivity of their people who often feel like a small cog in the corporate machine.


Our team of equine coaches offer a unique approach to empower your leaders and managers. Through engaging exercises, they foster rapport and trust, enabling your human teams to collaborate more effectively, boosting productivity and creating a more joyful work environment.


 About Our Unique Coaching experience

Discover the Power of Equine-Assisted Coaching with Meredith McKenzie

What can a horse teach you and your team? A LOT!

Meredith McKenzie, hailed as a 'business performance artist' by her clients, brings a wealth of leadership experience from diverse fields like real estate, television production, academia, and NGO leadership. She crafts immersive learning experiences that focus on intuitive listening and emotional intelligence skills, drawing from her rich background.

Through online seminars, personalized coaching sessions, and field trips to observe horses in their natural leadership roles, clients learn to lead authentically. The approach is values-centric, emphasizing leading from the heart and gut over rigid leadership styles.

How does it work? Leaders start by completing a Zoom introductory session on horse-facilitated education. Clients then attend a private one-on-one clinic with horses to gain insights into their leadership style and improve communication with their team. This is followed by a private team building outing with the horses.

Why horses? Horses have been integral to human development for centuries, from agriculture to transportation to warfare. Despite technological advances, humans often overlook their intuitive intelligence. Horses, as prey animals, rely on their gut instincts for survival, offering a powerful lesson in leading from the heart and gut. Through simple exercises, clients learn effective communication and leadership skills, all in a serene outdoor setting.

No prior horse experience is needed. All activities are conducted safely on the ground, led by calm, experienced horses. Join us in reconnecting with the timeless wisdom of horse sense amidst the tranquility of nature.

Horse Sense for Humans

By meredith mckenzie

You'll learn:


Understand the principles of leadership and how to move your people in one direction


Identify your shared values, strengths, goals, and areas for growth


Develop strategies for improving your self-awareness & your teams self-confidence


Develop your communication skills, including active listening and effective communication with others


Gain insights into how to maintain a healthy work-life balance

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Meredith McKenzie

I Feel For You

I know how it feels to wrestle with the challenges of maintaining your business teams focus and motivation, develop caring collaborations and increase productivity. Your team-members feel they're insignificant small cogs in the 'corporate machine' where higher-ups only care about the bottom line performance & results (i.e. profits, balance sheet, stock price etc.). You also want to grow as a leader but don't want to sit through the typical (boring) corporate training that are heavy on theory/methods but short on practical hands-on techniques.

I love helping humans get back in touch with their emotional "feeling" abilities to be effective team leaders and managers. I facilitate safe interaction between humans and horses who have thrived in the 'work' world of rodeo and competitive trail races, so that the human client can actually listen to and be aware of the horse's responses to their 'asks', so they can improve work productivity and employee morale in moving towards a positive team-focused goal where every voice is respected.

About Meredith

Meredith brings a unique perspective to her work as a horse assisted coaching facilitator.

She is a lifelong equestrian and has undergone extensive training and certification in this arena for the past 10 years. She is a certified facilitator with as well as a certified facilitator and lifetime member of the International Equine Assisted Horse Education Association ( In addition, she has personally studied with leaders in this field, including Schelli Whitehouse, Jackie Lowe Stevenson, Alyssa Aubrey, Barbara Rector and Gerhard Jes Krebs. She has also participated in human/horse leadership clinics with Cirque du Soleil equestrian principal trainer Frederic Pignon, Buck Brannaman (on whom the Robert Redford film 'The Horse Whisperer' was based), and Wild West Mustang Ranch educator West Taylor. In addition, she has studied the work of equine assisted educator Carolyn Resnick, founder of the Resnick Method of Liberty Horsemanship.

More importantly, Meredith has held C-Suite leadership positions over the last 40+ years in the entertainment, real estate, non-profit, and public service arenas, including as an elected official. Her extensive success as a Team Leader during good times and challenging times has been informed by her upbringing near the 4th largest Amish settlement in the US, where she daily witnessed how horses exhibited teamwork with humans as plow horses, buggy and wagon horses, and saddle horses. She was an active 4-H club member and Junior Fair Board member as a teen-ager, and twice was awarded 'outstanding speaker' honors at the Ohio State Fair. More recently, she was the project leader for the Altadena 4-H Club's Horse Project.

Through these experiences, Meredith is uniquely qualified to educate leaders and their team members in better utilizing their emotional intelligence in solving complex problems while fostering productive, trust-based team work.

"I am thrilled to have developed this unique executive coaching expereince and to share it with leaders. Through its paces, I hope to empower individuals to achieve their full "people-potential" and create a fulfilling work and personal life they truly desire.“

Meredith McKenzie

Meet Our Coaches

Dusty and Lobo...and Coco

Lobo & Dusty @ Horse Sense for Humans

Our senior coach is Lobo, a 25 year old American Quarter Horse Buckskin gelding, who spent his early years on the Rodeo Circuit as an all around ranch horse, serving as a 'header' in team roping, cutting cattle in individual competition, and parading around the rodeo arena as the star that he is. Lobo is a confident leader who knows how to maintain order without using any aggression to his herdmates - his nickname is 'the sheriff' because he knows how to do his job and get others to do theirs as well. Meredith has owned and ridden Lobo for the past 14 years, where they have shared many adventures trail riding around California with occasional TV western appearances as 'extras.'

Our junior coach is A Fist Full of Dollars, affectionately known as Dusty for the obvious reasons. Dusty is a 19 year BLM American Mustang who was born on the HMA range in Northern Nevada. He participated in the "Mustang Challenge" competition when he was 5 years old and is cute, smart and loves people, though he can be mischievous like a 7th grade boy. Dusty's personality is that of a 'creative type' - he's always looking for ways to entertain humans while he is doing a task. He is also very popular as a 'model' in numerous print advertising campaigns.

Occasionally, Lobo's best friend, Coco the Burro, will join us during our sessions. Coco is a 14 year burro who is blind in one eye. She is small but mighty, especially because she has limited vision. This means that she expects her humans to know what they are doing. If not, she will do the task herself her way.

Dusty & Meredith






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